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Tomorrow, I’ll be starting August Break. It’s meant to be a rest for bloggers, in that all it requires of you is to post one picture every day for the month. For me, it will be more of an acceleration, given my lackadaisical posting schedule.

I did do Project 365 back in 2007, but, although I took a picture every day, most of those pictures never made it onto the Internet in any form. It’s probably a good thing. They were, to say the least, not spectacular, but my plan in doing Project 365 was to improve, and I think the ones I took in December were better than the ones that I took in January, so mission accomplished.

Actually, maybe in addition to the new ones I take for August Break, I will also post some of my ancient Project 365 photos. I do enjoy making things harder for myself, and it might be an interesting contrast. Unless I haven’t improved as much as I think I have. Then it will just be embarrassing…

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