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A few months ago, I went with Ag Works for a private tour of Carrie Furnace. I’m still not sure how to describe the experience. It was hot, humid, fraught with poison ivy, crumbling floors, and spiderwebs bigger than my entire torso. I loved it.

Silver Eye is doing a show for pictures taken there, so of course I’m submitting – along with half the city I’d imagine. It’s an incredibly popular subject for photos, and it’s easy to see why. It’s not just the rust, the crumbling walls, the trees growing from rooftops. There is an air of –

–brief pause while I get up to pace and try to find the word I want–

–magic. That’s the only word that comes close.

Here are the pictures I sent to Silver Eye, and if you want to submit as well, there’s more informationĀ here.








The rusted beast rose up out of sweaty grass and poison ivy, sun steaming water out of the earth. The safety tour was conducted by a guy who looked like his name should be Joey No Nose. It wasn’t that he hadĀ no nose, but it was a pug-like, pushed-in affair, and it gave his voice a nasal quality.

His hands were large and furred in black hair up to the second joint of every finger. In a dark room with an uncertain floor, he lifted up a fallen baby owl, and his hands were a substitute nest before he placed it gently back where it belonged.

“It’s a lie what they say about smelling humans on them,” he said. “Their mothers always come back for them.”

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